Additional Services

bg-170-1024x768-1304964.jpgIn addition to offering quality services as a wedding officiant I am also available for the following:

  • Home Blessings
  • Baptisms, Child Blessings & Dedications
  • Funerals & Memorial Services
  • Other Special Events

Just as with my wedding packages, I offer a few different options for you to choose from to fit your personality and budget. If you are interested in any services listed here and would like to contact me for more information or to schedule a meeting, please use the handy contact form at the bottom of this page or call me directly.


Home BlessingsFrederick-Douglass-House-public-domain-580x386

  1. Complete, personalized, custom written Home Blessing – $100.00
  2. Complete, standard Home Blessing – $75.00
  3. Home Blessing in addition to other ceremony (wedding, baptism, etc.) – $50.00


Baptisms, Child Blessings, Dedications Rayne1framed

All packages include keepsake certificate.

  1. Complete, personalized, custom written ceremony – $250.00
  2. Complete, standard ceremony – $175.00
  3. Blessing in addition to other ceremony – $50.00


Funerals & Memorial Servicessunset.jpg

Standard fee of $250.00


Other Services

Please contact me for information.


Additional Services Contact Form


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