Hello, Couples!

I just wanted to send my greetings and thank you once again for allowing me to officiate on your special day. Each ceremony I perform is unique, as are all of you. The pleasure of seeing you all at such a happy moment fills my heart with joy. This is why I do what I do.

Some couples have sent me photos from their wedding or notes about how happy they are. These are valuable to me in a couple of ways. I enjoy hearing how nice your day was or about something special that was caught on film. Comments and feedback are also important to me. They are a very useful tool that I use to help each of my clients have the best experience I can offer. Without your input or insight I may get a suggestion that will help make someone else’s day even more special.

If you could take just a few moments from your busy day to help me to serve you and others better by leaving a comment or sending a picture or two, I would appreciate it. Below are a couple of links you can use to help me out. Thank you, love, and good luck to all!


John Richman, Jr.


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